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RAS Pharma & Biochem Pte Ltd is a Singapore based manufacturer.

Our business is to create and establish a local brand in the area of medical disposables. As a licensed manufacturer that is ISO 13485 certified, we are able to produce for OEM to cater for your needs.

Our current product ranges from surgical hardware to medical devices and disposables.

RAS Pharma & Biochem Pte ltd is CE certified (SGS) as such, we are able to conduct export of our products to EU countries.

Our main areas of business is manufacturing and distribution of the following products

  1. Medical disposables and hardware
  2. Laboratory consumable and equipment
  3. OEM services for chemicals, laboratory consumables and medical devices

RAS Pharma & Biochem Pte ltd is in the business of providing quality products and excellent customer service.

All good products must come with good customer service.

Therefore we do not compromise in our product quality and safety commitment.

You can expect short lead time for product support and prompt answers to all our dear customers.

Just in Singapore alone, products distributed by RAS is utilised in 7 hospital, 10 major laboratories, 25 government linked companies and more than 2500 clinics.

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